Spring Arrives with scarves by Johnny Was

Spring Arrives with scarves by Johnny Was

Saturday, October 31, 2009

CURIO Sweater Vests and....MORE SCARVES!

My favorite addition to our Fall line-up this week has to be the CURIO sweater vests, both short and tunic length. They are knit in great tweedy colors called FIG, SANDSTORM and BALTIC. Both styles have many mis-matched buttons down the front and a flattering, yet warm look.

AND, just as our scarf collection was getting close to sold-out, TWO MORE boxes of scarves arrived. These are priced between $24-$44 and make a PERFECT gift if you can stand to give it away (oh, go ahead and wear it first-your friends will understand!).

There's nothing cozier than

There's nothing cozier than
quilted velvet!

Accessorize a your new Insight coat with a Tano bag and a fun flower pin.

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Cino is back!

Cino is back!
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